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*It's not necessary to complete a scent profile if you ordered a gift subscription. You will receive a printable/emailable gift message template in your order confirmation email that will include a link for the recipient to complete their scent profile.
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examples:   night blooming jasmine, gardenia, moroccan rose

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examples:   french lavender, rosemary, mint, eucalyptus

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examples:   orange blossom, meyer lemon, lime zest

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examples:   macintosh apple, blackberry, peach, bartlett pear

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examples:   ripe mango, coconut, pineapple

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examples:   madagascar vanilla, ginger, brown sugar, tupelo honey

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examples:   sandalwood, golden amber, musk

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examples:   clean cotton, sea breeze, white tea, sky

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examples:   pumpkin spice, balsam & cedar, cinnamon, gingerbread

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